Laboratory for Optimization in Operations Management

The Laboratory of Optimization in Operations Management is an educational and scientific laboratory for Bachelor, Master and PhD students.  The goal of LOOM is to bridge the gap between theory and application in Operations Management and Operations Research, providing an environment where students can design and implement models, algorithms, and Decision Support Systems for real world applications arising from collaborations with industrial partners.

LOOM is part of a network of similar laboratories in other European universities (Logistics Department Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, TESEO - Università della Calabria, LIMOS Clermont-Ferrand, ESSEC Paris ...) and joint collaborations are already started that will make it possible an active exchange of students working on specific projects. Examples of such collaborations will be listed below.

Within the broad area of Operations Management the current main research activities at LOOM are concerned with:

  • Logistics optimization (in collaboration with Amazon Europe, Procter and Gamble and Optit)
  • Industrial cutting and packing, vehicle loading, vehicle routing (in collaboration with Optit and Myopt)
  • Energy Production (in collaboration with Optit)
  • Train Scheduling Optimization (in collaboration with Alstom)
  • Algorithm parameter tuning (in collaboration with Pirelli Tyre)
  • Healthcare optimization (in collaboration with Agenzia Sanitaria e Sociale dell'Emilia-Romagna and with AUSL di Bologna)

Past internships:

  • Two internships opportunities at Procter and Gamble SNIC
  • Several interships at Amazon Europe
LOOM is also on Labsexplorer.



a) internship at Amazon Europe will be available for 2017 (will be at least 4 in total for 2017) first round has deadline February 5,2017 


Available theses

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