Non Linear Generalized Assignment Problem

These are the instances tested in:

Lower and upper bounds for the non-linear generalized assignment problem

by Claudia D’Ambrosio, Silvano Martello, and Michele Monaci


The name of each zipfile gives the characterization of

  • weights: linear (L), non-linear (N);

  • capacities: similar (S), dissimilar (D).


Each zipfile contains one folder with 300 instances (.dat format).

Each file contains the following information

  • N: number of tasks;

  • M: number of agents;

  • Ftype: type of profit functions (always = 0);

  • Gtype: type of weight functions (=0 for non-linear function, =1 for linear function);

  • c_i: capacity of each agent i (i=1, ..., m);

  • obja_{ji}, objb_{ji}, objc_{ji}, objd_{ji}: parameters a, b, c, and d in the definition of the profit functions (j = 1, ..., n; i=1, ..., m);

  • weip_{ji}, weiq_{ji}, and weiw_{ji}: parameters \pi and \tau (for the non-linear case), and \pi (for the linear case) in the definition of the weight functions (j = 1, ..., n; i=1, ..., m);

  • U_j: availability of each task j (j = 1, ..., n).