PARTNER European Project PARTNER Path Allocation Re-engineering of Timetable Network for European Railways (EU)


2004 to 2006


Allocation of rail capacity and charging on international routes, specifically freight corridors, are of strategic significance for preserving the European railway business (and its survival) in the marketplace. Moreover, access to infrastructure and pricing require to be strongly efficient and transparent, following EU policy directives and inevitable economic principles. This contrasts with traditional ways followed by railways in their current planning, where more standard, automated processes are needed, and best opportunities from IT and telematics are to be exploited.

The objectives of PARTNER were:
  1. to build a Demonstrator to show how slot allocation and charging can be implemented, overcoming the traditional difficulties in harmonised capacity management and access charging;
  2. to focus on international rail corridors as case studies;
  3. to benefit from previous EU-RDT projects in related fields, utilising their results for a new, industrial oriented system.

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