RIGERS - City regeneration: smart buildings and grids (EU)


2014 to 2016


The project intends to develop an integrated system to regenerate buildings and grids with the aim of increasing the well‐being and quality of life of citizens, proposing a multi‐objective approach (energy, environmental, functional, seismic) that uses ICT as an instrument to provide a response to the city’s tangible needs. Therefore, it will implement and test an Interoperable Cooperative Platform for the Sustainable City that can effectively acquire, contain and manage data regarding the consistence, function and consumption of buildings (aggregated users) and grids, capable of cooperating – through appropriate adapters – with other urban IT systems already being used by the various public administrations.

The Platform will provide services on:

  •  the measurement of energy and water consumption, through innovative solutions of smart metering for the remote georeferenced readings of consumption, remote control and remote management;
  • energy, environmental and seismic diagnosis, through the use of data measured with several methods in models and computerized procedures that permit multi‐thematic mapping (energy, environmental and seismic) , on different scales of research and the identification of critical elements.