Technical Reports 2013

OR-13-1 (revised OR-14-20)
Experiments with Linear vs Nonlinear Formulations of SVM with Ramp Loss
Pietro Belotti, Andrea Lodi, and Amaya Nogales Gómez

A study on the computational complexity of the bilevel knapsack problem
A. Caprara, M. Carvalho, A. Lodi, G.J. Woeginger

On Exact Solutions for the Minmax Regret Spanning Tree
E. Álvarez-Miranda, F. Pérez, A. Candia-Véjar, P. Toth

Optimizing the Design of Water Distribution Networks Using Mathematical Optimization
C. Bragalli, C. D'Ambrosio, J. Lee, A. Lodi, P. Toth

Tree Search Stabilization by Random Sampling
M. Fischetti, A. Lodi, M. Monaci, D. Salvagnin, A. Tramontani

A Heuristic Approach for an Integrated Fleet- Assignment, Aircraft-Routing and Crew-Pairing Problem
V. Cacchiani, J.J. Salazar-Gonzalez

An Overview of Recovery Models and Algorithms for Real-time Railway Rescheduling
V. Cacchiani, D. Huisman, M. Kidd, L. Kroon, P. Toth, L. Veelenturf, J. Wagenaar

The Fixed Charge Transportation Problem: An Exact Algorithm Based on a New Integer Programming Formulation
R. Roberti, E.Bartolini, A. Mingozzi

A Tutorial on Non-Periodic Train Timetabling and Train Platforming Problems
V. Cacchiani, L. Galli, P. Toth

A Reduced-Cost Iterated Local Search Heuristic for the Fixed Charge Transportation Problem
E. Buson, R. Roberti, P. Toth

Generation of antipodal random vectors with prescribed non-stationary 2-nd order statistics
A. Caprara, F. Furini, A. Lodi, M. Mangia, R. Rovatti, G. Setti

OR-13-12 (OR-12-2 revision)
Design and Control of Public-Service Contracts and an Application to Public Transportation Systems
A. Lodi, E. Malaguti, N.E. Stier-Moses, T. Bonino

On the difficulty of Virtual Private Network Instances
A. Lodi, A. Moradi and S.M. Ashemi

Single-commodity Robust Network Design Problem: Complexity, Instances and Heuristic Solutions
E. Alvarez-Miranda, V. Cacchiani, A. Lodi, T. Parriani, D.R. Schmidt

A Branch-and-Price Algorithm for the (k, c) - Coloring Problem
E. Malaguti, I. Méndez-Díaz, J.J.Miranda-Bront, P.Zabala

Tree Search Stabilization by Random Sampling
M. Fischetti, A. Lodi, M. Monaci, D. Salvagnin and A. Tramontani

Solving the optimum system traffic assignment problem for Personal Rapid Transit networks using the Frank-Wolfe algorithm
Joerg Schweizer , Tiziano Parriani , Emiliano Traversi , Federico Rupi

An Efficient Approach for Solving Large Stochastic Unit Commitment Problems Arising in a California ISO Planning Model
Tiziano Parriani , Guojing Cong ,Carol Meyers, Deepak Rajan