Technical Reports 2015

Bin Packing and Cutting Stock Problems: Mathematical Models and Exact Algorithms
M. Delorme, M. Iori, S. Martello
A Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for the Knapsack Problem with Conflict Graph
A. Bettinelli, V. Cacchiani, E. Malaguti

OR-15-3 (revision OR-13-1)
On Handling Indicator Constraints in Mixed Integer Programming
P. Belotti, P. Bonami, M. Fischetti, A. Lodi, M. Monaci, A. Nogales Gómez, D. Salvagnin

Models for Ecological, Economical, Efficient, Electric Car-Sharing. Problem Definition and Modeling: Station based Systems
G. Brandstätter, C. Gambella, M. Leitner, E. Malaguti, F. Masini, M. Ruthmair, D. Vigo

Solving Vertex Coloring Problems as Maximum Weight Stable Set Problems
D. Cornaz, F. Furini, E. Malaguti

A study on metaheuristic approaches to the energy-efficient train timetabling problem
V. Cacchiani, A. Santini, D. Vigo

Measuring the impact of acceptance criteria on the adaptive large neighbourhood search metaheuristic
A. Santini, S. Ropke, L. M. Hvattum

A Branch-and-Price Approach to the VRP for Feeder Network Design
A. Santini, S. Ropke, C. Plum

Nonlinear Chance-Constrained Problems with applications to Hydro Scheduling
A. Lodi, E. Malaguti, G. Nannicini, D. Thomopulos

Exact Solutions for the Carrier-Vehicle Traveling Salesman Problem
C. Gambella, A. Lodi, D. Vigo